October 4, 2022


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Minsex: Cuba receives international donations to fight Govt

Magalis Estrada, Department of Economic Cooperation Minsex Photo: Ismail Francisco / Cubpat.

Based on the various projects we have received through our digital portal and our profiles on social networks to make donations to Cuba to combat the Govt-19 epidemic, Cupid Since last year, Cuba has received various international donations and has contacted Magalis Estrada Thias, Director General of Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX) to confirm that Cuba Bank accounts are maintained. Abroad for this fierce struggle the country is growing against the epidemic.

The MINCEX Board responded to our concerns on this issue:

What is the desire of the Cuban authorities to seek honest and enthusiastic international cooperation?

Cuba receives a wide range of international cooperation, both bilateral, government and private sources, including natural persons, projects, projects or specific donations, positions based on the economic, scientific and social development of the country, especially in exceptional circumstances or emergencies. .

Inspired by the economic situation of the country in the 1990s, international cooperation increased, as a source of external resources that complement the national efforts for the development of the country.

More than at present 351 projects funded by 33 countries and cooperatives. 54 NGOs and solidarity associations and more than 64 research centers and universities participating.

In the last five years, $ 963 million has been hanged, Primarily agro-food, water and sanitation, environment, renewable energy, health and education sectors is aimed at.

With the changes in the socialist development of the Cuban economic and social model came into force Ordinance 16 and complementary provisions of April 1, 2020, which restrict the cooperation that Cuba provides and receives, creating the conditions for optimal implementation. Make the process of recognizing the resources and collaborative activities obtained more flexible and faster.

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In the face of the CO COVID-19 epidemic, has the country received international cooperation? How is it operated?

In response to COVID-19, an expeditious procedure was approved that included the possibility that Cuban citizens living abroad and Cuban natural persons may also make donations through Cuban law firms in accordance with an official mission. Established by the current law relating to international cooperation.

Applications are received at MINCEX from our embassies abroad, by national donor agencies and by foreign legal and natural persons interested in receiving donations.

Donations are made to Cuban law firms and imported resources are exempt from paying fees.

Since November 2020, a bank account has been created to receive donations. This account is currently under management. Data:

Account: 0300000005336242

Title: Emergency Donations


Distributing the resources of the entire Cuban people, exceptional situations or disasters, the Ministry of Economy and Planning, Internal Trade Organization or established for that purpose by the other, to confront the epidemic, resources carries with National laws. Health system, which are imported and distributed by the Ministry of Public Health using its business system.

MINCEX informs our embassies and donors about the channel donation offers and priorities and basic requirements for combating COVID-19.

Since the onset of the epidemics caused by COVID-19, there have been numerous expressions of solidarity and support received by Cuba. At the end of June 2021, 543 donations were received from more than 51 countriesChina, Vietnam, Venezuela, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, Angola, South Africa, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Belize, Belgium, Italy, Malta, Spain, Nicaragua, Peru; As well as foreign organizations and solidarity associations and Cubans living abroad.

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An important role has been developed in managing financial resources United Nations agencies, programs and funds and international co-operation agencies from various countries in Europe and Asia Those who work in our country.

Overseas Cuban Associations send 33 concessions in solidarity with Cuba. The international solidarity campaign to vaccinate the country and the movement to send syringes with needles to Cuba stand out.

Similarly, a group of prestigious organizations has made donations to Cuba.. Among them:

The best donor organizations facing COVID-19

Country Business
German MCV Commercial in Cuba, 14 ambulances
Spain Blancfort, meat dishes
China P.R. Zhengzhou Yudong, Security Mechanisms
R.P. China Jack Ma & Alibaba Foundation, Security Mechanisms
RPCHINA Shenzhen Huawei, Security Instructions
R.P. China AVIC International Gadget, Safety and Health Mechanisms
Italy ITALSAV, safety and health procedures
In Brazil, the Brazilian entrepreneur (Instructions for safety and hygiene and diet)
Vietnam Vimariel y Wiglesera SA (Safety and Health Mechanisms

And food)
Czech representative AKESO, subject to antigen testing and mechanical testing
Argentina Labs ELEA PHOENIX SA, Pharmaceuticals
United Kingdom AZTRAZENECA (Security Guidelines)
Switzerland Multinational Tropicura, Supplies and Drugs
Turkey Karen, Safety and Lung Ventilators
Panama Biolab International SA, Instructions for safety and diet

In general, and despite the tightening of the siege, it will impose stricter restrictions on resources, price increases and inventory rates, equipment, supplies and medical supplies. Important among them are safety mechanisms, PCR diagnostic resolutions and sample carriers, lung ventilators, syringes and needles and food. In addition, one million 504 thousand US dollars has been provided in cash.

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Some donations to the country have not been effective as the siege has intensified amid tight restrictions and this epidemic.

Our government and our people thank everyone who expressed solidarity with this country.

– At the height of the current epidemics in the country, Cuba’s friends, Cubans and good people abroad have expressed their willingness to help with legitimate solidarity goals. How will these plans change?

Faced with this complex situation, Cuba agrees that donations may be sent to the country in accordance with established procedures. Any questions or concerns can be forwarded to our embassies and consulates who know the details of this procedure and can provide excellent guidance to those interested in this matter.

Similarly, from next Monday, the electronic address [email protected] will be available so that interested parties can seek guidance or clarify doubts.

As always happened in Cuba with donations the previous processes, the reliability of the system agree to receive help donation recipients.