July 2, 2022


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More than 15 million Americans are at risk of deportation

More than 15 million people have been threatened with eviction within days of the extension imposed by the Biden administration, which has prevented victims of the Govt-19 epidemic from leaving the streets. Rent.

According to data from the National Census, seven and a half million homes agree to owe their landlords monthly rent. The global debt contracted for late payments will already rise to $ 13,000 million.

The inaction of the president before the end of a basic social security was justified by the Supreme Court canceling a new extension. But the prospect of millions of people being on the streets in the aftermath of the Covit-19 eruption unleashed anger and frustration within the Democrats, as evidenced by the testimony of Alexandria Oaxacio-Cortez of New York, who had the opportunity to vote for the extension of the House of Representatives and its leadership, but conservative Democrats in Congress. “

“If we look in the mirror when there is a majority in the Democrats, we can’t blame the Republicans,” said a Democratic left-wing representative.

The parliamentary committee proposed extending the ban until December 31, but it did not receive enough support, not even from the Democrats.

“Unfortunately, not a single Republican supported this move (…) It is very disappointing that the Republicans refused to work with us on this issue in the House and Senate,” lamented the Democratic Speaker of the House on Friday night. Nancy Pelosi, in a statement.

A congressional source told Agency France-Presse that the proposal was far from “unanimous support” from the Democratic Party.

It also adds that money set aside by the federal government to help individuals and families find it difficult to pay rent is pouring into their bank accounts.

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That money is given to states and local communities, which are then responsible for distributing aid to households. However, to get requests for this, you need to check the situation and then install complex systems to provide assistance.

Conclusion: Of the $ 46,000 million planned by the government for this purpose, only 3,000 million have reached their target, including the 25,000 million provided in early February.