October 6, 2022


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Muslim cleric warns of collapse in Lebanon-Brenza Latina

In a re-creation report on the National News Agency and the Naharnet portal, Darian warned that a complete failure would occur if steps were not taken to avoid that forecast.

Beginning in late 2019, fuel shortages have intensified in recent days, deepening the socio-economic downturn that has paralyzed essential services and created a violent eruption.

According to Public Security Chief Abbas Ibrahim, the crisis could be prolonged and he firmly ordered his deputy to avoid chaos.

These warnings have been echoed by key figures in the Lebanese political landscape.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called for the establishment of a government in Lebanon to undo the catastrophe announced by all.

Politicians have been at loggerheads over the composition of the executive since August 10, 2020, following the resignation of the cabinet, which now operates as a caretaker government.

The national currency lost more than 100 percent of its value against the dollar and as a result of rising prices, more than half of its citizens fell below the poverty line.

There were no drugs to treat cancer or other chronic and pre-existing diseases, and even hospitals limited their surgical plans due to the lack of electricity. “We are afraid that patience will run out and we will all fall into the furnace of total chaos,” the Grand Mufti said during his Friday sermon.

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