September 30, 2022

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NASA will launch the first Earth defense system later this month

If successful, DART will be the first planet in history to have a planetary defense system against asteroids.

By Alejandro Faria

Los Angeles, Nov. 14 (LaOpinión) .- The The first planetary defense system DART Published by NASA And SpaceX On Tuesday, November 23rd. A. The goal is to get started Rocket Not triple A. to collide at high speeds Asteroid To change its path, but in reality that space rock represents no real danger to humanity.

The DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) will depart from Earth on November 23 and deliberately collide with Dimorphos, a space rock orbiting the Sun. According to NASA estimates, it will pass within 11 million kilometers of Earth. And the rocket will collide with the rock between September 26 or October 1, 2022.

The work will cost approximately $ 330 million and will go to Dimorphos at speeds of more than 20,000 kilometers per hour.

“It’s not going to destroy the asteroid, it’s going to be a little shocking,” “said Nancy Sabot of Johns Hopkins University’s Laboratory of Applied Physics.

Dimorphos is actually a moon with a diameter of 160 meters orbiting Dimorphos, which is about 800 meters in diameter. The DART weighs about 640 kilograms. If all goes well, according to NASA, the DeMarpos orbit will last less than 11 hours and 45 minutes.

“If one day an asteroid is found in the path of a collision with the Earth, we know about the force we need to keep the asteroid from touching the Earth,” said Andy Cheng of Johns Hopkins University.

NASA experts added that if an asteroid goes straight to Earth, it is true that DART is not the only security system, and the most important thing is to first identify what the real threats are.

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According to NASA, there are about 27,000 near Earth, but none pose a real threat to the planet. At least up to 2300, but there is now only a 0.057 percent chance of that.

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