October 4, 2022


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National insult to racist activities against Venezuela in Chile ›World› Granma

Sergio Miko, director of the Chilean National Institute for Human Rights (INDH), described the burning of Venezuelan immigrants’ belongings in the northern city of Iquவியில் as “a national disgrace” and noted that the country was facing a migration crisis that could have been predicted by the government.

In an interview with local radio, the official said what happened on September 25 in the city was “a national disgrace that effectively caused international damage.”

The speakers confirmed that he had received “many international calls” to his office and that “this is not Chile as we know it” and demanded clarification on the situation in that South American country.

In his opinion, the problem is not “the 50,000 immigrants who entered 2020”, but the hundreds of thousands who come to Chile and live in “extremely vulnerable conditions”.

Ignoring this crisis “creates great tension in the Chilean neighborhoods, in Antofagasta, here in Santiago, and it will cause outbursts of anger, great conflicts,” Mico stressed.

By clarifying his position in favor of respecting human rights and the rule of law, the headline emphasized that the NHRI demands that “expulsion and expulsion activities that do not conform to international standards be pursued.”

He said the policy of family reunification was not respected and “there are no policies that do not deny refugees in the public interest of children and adolescents, and evictions are not carried out with foresight”.

On Friday, the Carabineros Corps waited for 150 families of citizens from other countries in a makeshift camp from a plaza in Iguazu, waiting to find work in Santiago de Chile.

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Following the eviction, an anti-immigration march was held and racist individuals took some of their belongings from these families and burned them. According to the press, many immigrants were persecuted and there were calls to kill them.