October 6, 2022


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New day of street protests against Bolzano in Brazil

Tens of thousands of people protested against President Jair Bolsanaro in Brazil this Saturday, especially for his chaotic management of the corona virus infection, which has killed more than 461,000 people and threatened to provoke resentment.

From the outset, at the center of Rio de Janeiro, about 10,000 people protected by masks took part in a demonstration called by various left-wing organizations, trade unions and student movements, as well as “Fora Bolsanaro”, “Bolsanaro Genocide”, “Vacina Ja” or “Fora Bolsavirus”.

In the afternoon, after a heavy downpour, tens of thousands of people – about 80,000, according to organizers – filled Ballista Avenue in the iconic road artery Sao Paulo, the economic capital of Latin America.

“No one wants to be on the street in the middle of an epidemic. Bolzano had no choice. We are on the street to save lives. We will not sit until we wait [las presidenciales de] 2022. This is just the beginning, ”said Guilherme Blos, a left-wing leader of the Homeless Workers Movement (MDSD).

Since the onset of the epidemic, he has considered a “minor flu”, Bolsanaro has criticized isolated measures, promoted drugs without proven effectiveness, created crowds, and questioned the effectiveness of vaccines.

In fact, the notion that many deaths could have been avoided if the government had started the vaccination campaign earlier is part of the claims that it is progressing slowly and with interruptions due to shortage of materials.

“We have to stop this government, we have to say enough. He’s a murderer, he’s a psychopath, he has no feelings, he does not feel like us. He can not feel the devastation he is causing,” businessman Omar Silveira told AFP.

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Opponents of the far-right president felt other insults, accusing them of inciting the deforestation of the Amazon, the violence and racism of the invaders of the native lands.

Similar struggles have been going on in different forms for months with increasing force.

Demonstrations have been repeated in dozens of cities in Brazil, such as Salvador (northeast), Brasilia or the Belo Horizonte (southeast), where an opponent disguised himself as a skeleton with a scythe in one hand and a bottle of chloroquine – despite his recommendation to treat the cochlea.

The capital has experienced the biggest street protests against the capital, Bolsanaro, since the outbreak, which killed more than 461,000 people, a figure surpassed by the United States alone. Protesters marched to Congress, where a Senate commission was investigating several weeks of “grievances” caused by Polsaro’s epidemics.

In the legislature, there are dozens of demands for indictment against the president.

The organizers of the march asked participants to respect safety measures against the corona virus, and distributed masks and alcohol gel in many of them. But in many cities, efforts to avoid the crowd were in vain because of the large number of protesters.

Despite the day turning out to be quiet, the demonstration in Recife (northeast) was dispersed by police with tear gas and rubber bullets for no apparent reason.

The governor of Bernambuco (including the capital of Recife), Paolo Camara, ordered an investigation into the men in uniform involved, and he removed them from office while investigations were ongoing.

The march was accompanied by demonstrations in support of the government called by Bolzano for two weekends, in response to his loss of popularity, which, according to the latest Datafolha poll, fell to an all-time low of 24%.

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The poll shows that 49% of Brazilians are in favor of an ‘accusation’ and 46% are against it, and the archive of former left-wing president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Bolsanaro, lists him as a favorite to win the 2022 election.