January 25, 2021

New SFU Scholarship Flight 752 Remembers Victims

The new scholarship at Simon Fraser University will commemorate the 176 people killed in a passenger plane shooting down by the Iranian military last year.

On January 8, 2020, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 with a pair of missiles, killing all passengers, including 138 people with ties to Canada.

The Flight 752 Memorial Graduate Scholarship is a way to commemorate 176 victims and reflect on how Canadian universities benefit from the contribution of people around the world, the SFU said in a statement.

The university said many of those on board were in contact with Canadian universities as students, alumni or faculty.

“We wanted to acknowledge our lost colleagues, our students, our neighbors and friends, and share our grief with their families,” said SFU lecturer Mahta Zahromi.

“I’m still suffocated when I think about how each of the victims resembles me and my family. A lot of them are young people, educated immigrant families and many hopes and dreams, life to live.”

The SFU says the scholarship will help graduate students who are “advancing Persian culture and Iranian society through volunteerism or research.”

The scholarship is run by a team of academics, the university said, and is a $ 30,000 prize from the Jawad Mobagian Foundation. The Foundation has supported Flight 752 scholarships at other schools, including one at the University of British Columbia.

Global Affairs Canada Report Of the 176 people killed on Flight 752, 55 were Canadian citizens, 30 were permanent residents and 53 were on their way to Canada via Kiev, Ukraine. Others killed were from Iran, Ukraine, Sweden, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom.

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