September 25, 2022

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News about direct flights between Cuba and Bolivia

There are currently no direct flights on the route between Bolivia and Cuba. Cubana de Aviasian flights to the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, are used as a stop for flights to Bolivia or via Copa Airlines to Dokumen in Panama and from there to Viru Viru International Airport in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. .

But according to a local news agency, Bolivian Aviation (BoA), which bought two new aircraft this week and will renew its long-range fleet, may change that situation this year, especially in the second semester. Under this administration, links to Lima and Peru will be re-established as a priority, but it is planned to operate flights to the Caribbean later.

“We have already prepared for the opening ceremony in Lima, which we hope to do in the first weeks of February. We are finalizing the technical area, certification and details of all the components we need. There are already some studies, and we hope this will become even more convincing in 2022 ″, he said Ronald Casso, Manager (BoA), Bolivian Aviation Company.

Boliviana de Aviación ended the year with market and activity recovery indicators. According to Kazo, it is motivating them to continue to build ways, albeit at a higher rate than 2019. Most flights currently arrive in Bolivia from Miami in the United States and Madrid in Spain.

Flights from Bolivia to Cuba

In June last year, we were informed Our web, Cuban Ambassador to Bolivia Danilo Sanchez’s talks should mediate between Bolivia and Cuba and agree on at least one direct flight between the two countries. Both sides agreed that the old wish would soon be fulfilled.

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Sanchez noted that these conversations between airlines have been developing for a long time. This route departs from Santa Cruz to Havana, Varadero or Santa Clara. They were the primary options. “There are not many flights from the southern part of the continent,” they said. Something they wanted to improve.

They confirmed that the demand for flights to Cuba from that Andean country has grown by more than 30%, including scholarships on the island, more than 3,000 Cubans and tourists living in Bolivia. For many years the manager Caso has been expressing direct contact due to their rapid growth in tourism in Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The idea is to raise the frequencies and paths.

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