October 4, 2022


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Nicaragua defends its election before the UN General Assembly

Nicaragua Foreign Minister Denis Moncada has asked the UN to list several parties that will appear on the ballot during his country’s general election in November. People “.

Moncada said 15 political parties would be selected between national and regional, and then named the parties in each box and listed some of the boxes that would appear on the voter ballot. The people of Nicaragua are “ready to continue to reap victories out of love for Nicaragua, contributing to international peace and security and on the way to a better, more just and humane world,” he said.

The United States and other countries have declared that the November elections in Nicaragua have “lost all credibility” because the opposition has been excluded from the election campaign and several opposition leaders have been jailed for trying to challenge President Daniel Ortega for power. In the electoral game there is an official coalition led by minority parties and the ruling Santinista Front, which controls all the powers of the Electoral Court and the state.

The European Union last month imposed sanctions on Nicaragua’s first lady and vice president, Rosario Murillo, and seven other officials accused of human rights abuses and undermining democracy. The United States has imposed sanctions on officials and close associates of Ortega.

“Illegal unilateral coercion must be stopped immediately and stability, peace and the development of families, peoples and nations must be guaranteed,” Moncada said during the global debate.

“In times of epidemics, these actions are a crime against humanity and against those who impose them. They are unacceptable to Nicaragua,” the minister said.

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Moncada described Nicaragua as “an important factor for stability, peace and regional and international security” and said it was a matter of respect and “not interference.” Nicaragua has repeatedly accused the US States of interfering in its internal affairs after condemning the arrest of OAS opponents and crackdowns on the opposition.

“The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity is determined and committed to safeguarding peace, stability and security in Nicaragua and is developing its policies by pursuing its best efforts to guarantee all the prosperity of Nicaragua,” Moncada said.