July 2, 2022


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No signals from the Vietnamese micro-satellite Nanotragon

The company’s deputy director general Lu Chuan Hui said the radars did not communicate with one of the eight Japanese satellites orbiting the Uchinura polygon on November 9 with Vietnamese ingenuity.

He explained that there was no information about the telemetry data transmission line in the electromagnetic spectrum band on the VNSC ground, but did not specify the possible causes of the problem.

At 10x10x34 centimeters and weighing approximately four kilograms, the nanotragon will orbit at an altitude of about 560 km in a sun-synchronized orbit. Its mission is to locate ships in the high seas using a well-known GPS-like system.

The research, design and production process of the micro-satellite was carried out entirely by VNSC, while the study of its technical parameters was the responsibility of the Japan Space Agency.

Vietnamese scientists are working on two large satellites, LOTUSat-1 and LOTUSat-2, whose mission is to provide data on improving the efficiency of natural resource management and preventing damage caused by hurricanes and other natural disasters.

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