September 30, 2022

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November 7, 1917: Revolution that shook the world

Advice comes from four key points to dig a tomb for history and destroy it with a pen, and the events chosen to bury include the victory of the great October Socialist Revolution of November 7, 1917. For the old Russian calendar it became an undoubted turning point in the events of mankind.

Through this “brainwashing” of hegemonic power centers, they are trying to downplay the importance of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who in those epic days leaned his bald head on his shoulder. And a generosity respected by the crowd, as described by American historian John Reid.

Commenting on the image of Fidel Castro Lenin, the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, he said, “He was a brilliant revolutionary strategist who did not hesitate to carry Marx’s ideas and implement them in a vast and only partially industrialized country.”

The descendants of Great October resulted in the constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which humanity thanks to the defeat of fascism, which turned the cremation of people in concentration camps scattered throughout Europe into a daily and brutal practice.

When evaluating the significance of the Bolshevik revolution that directed the center of Tsarism, it must be emphasized that, on the one hand, it led to a significant change in the relations of the world powers and, on the other hand, confirmed the possibility of the other. The economy and society are far removed from the essence of capitalism.

Undoubtedly, what happened in Russia in 1917 led to other social revolutions in the last century, for example, read Chinese, Vietnamese and Cuban; Each of these took the theoretical metrics of Marxism-Leninism based on national realities.

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Moreover, we must not forget that, as John Reid put it, the process of decolonization in that century became an echo of the liberation thinking of those days that shook the world.

At the beginning of 104 years, that great Russian and proletarian son of Lenin’s genius, October, continues to shine a light on all four hands, while the calls to ignite history have not ceased. Reasons? More than obvious.