September 30, 2022

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OAS rejects illegal Nicaraguan election results

In a message posted on his Twitter account, Almagro stressed that “OAS nations must respond to this clear violation of the Constitution during the Assembly.”

Almacro shared a statement from the OAS General Secretariat that “Nicaragua held elections within the framework of a process that does not conform to any of the essential elements of democracy.”

“Despite various opportunities to strengthen the electoral process and provide guarantees of fair, free and transparent elections, Nicaragua (the regime) has chosen the path of dictatorship, thereby lying that it wants to build its people and the international community. A solid electoral system,” the document laments.


The OAS further warns that “by forcing a new re-election (…) Nicaragua practically ignored the standards established by the US Court of Human Rights.

“In recent years, the countries that make up the United States have tried to get Nicaragua back to the path of democracy (…) through various existing institutional mechanisms, but it has completely ignored these efforts,” the organization lamented.

Nicaraguan officials “did not take into account many of the recommendations made by the 2017 OAS Election Support Mission, which sought to redress serious shortcomings in terms of equality and transparency in the Nicaraguan electoral system.”

The Supreme Electoral Council reported that with 97.74 percent of the vote, Ortega’s Santinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) received 75.92 percent of the vote. ‘L19 Digital’.

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