November 28, 2022

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Official inquiry reveals sexual harassment in UK schools – Brenza Latin

According to a study by the Office of Standards for Education, Services and Trade for Minorities (Ofsted), nine out of 10 female students interviewed said they were victims of sexual harassment and regularly received sexual images or videos.

It also points out that boys exchange photos of naked students as if it were a collection game.

We find that students often find no use in taking such behaviors as a normal experience, citing fears of social exclusion or damage to their reputation as reasons to remain silent.

Offensive inspectors who visited 32 public and private schools and spoke with more than 900 adolescents found that teachers were unwilling to provide advice beyond their respective subjects or that they had no knowledge of topics such as consensual sex and health and exchange. Sexual images.

Amanda Spielmann, the head of the British regulator, said she was “shocked” that it was “dangerous” for many young people, especially women, to accept sexual harassment as part of their development.

It is a cultural issue, attitudes and behaviors are normal, so schools cannot solve it, the official said.

However, school directors feel that their students are being sexually harassed even when there are no complaints about it.

Education Minister Gavin Williamson, who appointed the investigation after posting anonymous testimonies on the Internet on the social networks of thousands of anonymous students, warned that sexual abuse in any of its forms was unacceptable.

Following the release of the official report, the British government announced greater support for school institutions so that they could face any form of harassment against students.

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