September 25, 2022

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Ómicron cancels more than 5,000 flights worldwide

(EFE) .- The Omigron variant hit employees of large airlines and canceled more than 5,000 flights worldwide as millions of people reunited with their families on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

At 4:00 p.m. On air traffic.

More than a quarter of flights canceled during Christmas Eve and Christmas targeted the United States or the starting point, where covet cases have increased by 50% in the past week following the tremendous improvement in the Omigron variant.

Christmas Eve, one of the busiest days of the year, has already begun with the suspension of hundreds of travel plans; But as the day progressed the situation worsened and at Christmas, major US airlines such as Delta and United announced more cancellations.

In a statement, Delta said it had “exhausted all options and all resources” including route changes, aircraft changes and personnel changes to cover up its planned operations.

However, on Christmas Eve, Delta suspended 173 or 8% of its routes and by 4:00 pm local time on Christmas Day, 308 flights (15%) had already landed passengers.

At 4:00 pm local time on the East Coast of the United States, 5,048 flights were already grounded on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

For its part, United canceled the 201 (10%) routes planned for Christmas Eve, and this Christmas this figure has already reached 240 (12%).

A United Kingdom spokeswoman, Maddie King, told Efe this Saturday that the rise of Omigron infections in the United States was having a “direct impact” on airline crews and other employees of the company, who should stay home. No disease and no infection to others.

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Delta, for its part, said Omigron was responsible for the cancellations, but weather conditions with snowstorms threatening West America, from Washington State to southern California.

However, other American airlines, such as American and Southwest, have confirmed that their operations are growing normally and have not experienced cancellations.

However, both airlines had to cancel hundreds of flights by the end of October.

For its part, German Lufthansa on Friday canceled several Atlantic routes during the Christmas holidays due to a “massive increase” in sick deaths among its pilots, local media reported.

Other international airlines, China Eastern and Air China, as well as Indonesia’s low-cost carrier Lion Air and state-owned Air India, have dropped thousands of passengers on Christmas Eve and Christmas, according to Flight Aware.

In the United States, after the cancellation, there is a fight between the managers of the major airlines and the unions.

In the United States, after the cancellation, there is a fight between the managers of the major airlines and the unions.

In anticipation of possible problems, the airline, a lobby group representing Delta, United and the United States, on Thursday called on Rochelle Walensky, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to relax the company’s guidelines. Isolation period that must be strictly adhered to by those infected with the virus.

Currently, the CDC recommends 10-day isolation, but the airline for the United States wants a maximum of five.

In response, the flight attendants’ association, AFA, wrote in another letter to Valensky that he should be isolated for ten days and that any change in protocol should be based on science and not on staff issues.

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In fact, employee problems are not new. During the epidemics, the major American airlines received $ 54,000 million in public assistance, which they could not lay off.

However, what they did to save costs was to reduce staff by voluntary layoffs or early retirement, thus finding that there were not enough staff to cover all avenues when demand for aircraft returned this year.

As airlines find it difficult to maintain their flight plans, most U.S. travelers continue their plans to travel this holiday the other way around, according to the US Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) summary).

In particular, about 2.2 million people went through U.S. airports on Thursday, just before Christmas Eve, which is almost the same as it was in 2019 and three times more than last year.

The Omigran variant has caused an increase in epidemics worldwide and led to the re-imposition of restrictions on the leisure and hospitality sectors in some European countries, such as Germany, Portugal and Finland.


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