October 4, 2022


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ONU reveals that Israel practica apartheid sobre Palestine ocupada | Noticias

The relatively special organization of the Naciones in the United States is located in the Los Diechos Humans in the territory of Palestine, Michael Lynk, the Community of Viennese and International Community of Israel practicing in the territory of Palestine in Palestine.


Israel de Palestinians in Cisjordania ocupada

The book relates to, relatively acceptable and adopt the latest information on the latest sobriety of historians for organizing derechos humanos Palestinians, Israelis and internationals who come from all over the region.

“Hoy exists in the territory of Palestine occupied by Israel desde 1967 is a systemic legal and political dual profile discriminatorio that privileges less than 700,000 colonial Israelis who live live in less than 300 ezrim e afsiíl afs afrés yné af af af

Precise that 2,000 000 Palestinians live in Gaza, considerably one of the “books in the air”, with your own access to the energy, as well as the salute, with an economical compromise and sin poder realizer on the rest of our website. .

Segyn Lynk, al dar de manera intiancional and clara prioritize los derechos politicos, juridicos and sociales fundamentals a group oro in my zona geography and based on my unique racial, nacional home file.

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“Lamentablement, the apartheid is no longer a fiery confinement in the history of librariansia in africa”, subray the relator in our information al Consejo derechos Humanos.

“In the Roma 1998 courte Penal Internacional entró en vigor tras el colapso de antigua Sudfrica. This is an instrument legally with visions of futuro that apartheid como a criminal contra la humanidad hoy en en futuro, dongequire que exist ”, agreg.

The ONU ONU Function of the Gobierno Military in Israel or the Palestinian Occupy is a deliberately thought-provoking supporter of Sochos, the ultimate source of the church’s and most of the songs in the game. In Zona Ocupada, the center of the configuration of the Palestinians in the reservations of the pecs and configurations of the most desconnect.

Asimismo, on the record of otros information and opinions rehistines emitidas for organizational Palestinians, israles and internacionals of humanities that coincide with conclusions of the apartheid por part of Israel in Palestine.

“The Consensus and Assemblage criticize the reputation of Israel for its dissertations. Please contact us for more information. Pero nunca habido rendiciin de accounts. Si la communadad international reality hubiera actuado de accurodo with your resolutions of 40 or 30 years, hoy no estaroams hablando de apartheid ”, enunció.