October 4, 2022


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Out shouts of Bolsanaro return to the streets of Brazil

Brasilia -. Again under the shouts of Bolsanaro out, events will take place today in more than 300 cities in Brazil and some overseas today and a march called # 3J will be held on the day demanding the removal of President Jair Bolsanaro.

This is the third national demonstration on May 29 and June 19.

As in previous demonstrations, social and popular movements, unions and youth will lead the uprising in defending the vaccine against Covit-19 and ultimately 600 Rice (about $ 106) in emergency aid, according to the Red Brazil Atoll Portal. Of health catastrophe.

Originally scheduled for July 24, the mobilization was expected by the Bolsanaro out campaign, the latest outbreak in the Senate Intelligence Agency (CBI) linking the Brazilian president to allegations of corruption in Kovacs’ purchase of the vaccine India Anticovit-19.

Earlier in the day, businessman Luis Palo Domingutty confirmed that he had received a bribe from a former health ministry official from the Anglo-Swedish company AstroZeneca.

At the ICC, Dominguez, a representative of the US company Davati Medical Distribution, confirmed the anti-corruption plan in February with a meeting with Roberto Ferreira Diaz, the former logistics director of the Department of Health.

According to the police officer, Dalti Bolzano sought the government to sell 400 million doses of the astrogen gene antigen.

He explained that Davati’s initial offer was 50 to 3.50 for a single dose of vaccine, but Dias asked for a further one-dollar bribe per service.

During talks at a Brasilia restaurant in February, he pointed out that Diaz had asked for an improvement on Davati’s offer and that he had pointed out the discount.

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However, the then official replied that it was not a discount but an increase in value.

The bribery request was initially made by Diaz, who was acquitted on suspicion of involvement in fraudulent purchases of vaccines by the ministry, as reported to the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper.

In a statement, Wagner Freidas, vice president of the Labor Central Monarchy, stressed that this ‘most important day of the demonstrations on Saturday’ (yesterday’s chamber of deputies) was the so-called ‘super-petition’ (political inquiry) for charges against the former army.

Corruption charges and deaths (more than 521 thousand by Govt-19) can be avoided, and the government deserves to be stopped if the vaccine is purchased quickly. Everyone knows that Bolzano is guilty of this tragedy and this wrongdoing. ‘

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