August 8, 2022

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Palestinians accuse Biden of ignoring their rights consecrated by the UN

El Partido del Pueblo urged in a statement to Mandator Mahmud Abbas to immediately implement the resolutions approved in February by the Central Council of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine, which include suspending the agreements signed with Israel, among them the recognition of the Jewish State. .

Biden not only refused to exert pressure on Tel Aviv to put an end to the occupation but also established the Israeli approach based on economic peace, he stressed.

The United States is a real obstacle to reaching the rights of our people, he warned.

Por su parte, el Frente Democrático para la Liberation de Palestina advirtió sobre el peligro de los juegos palabras, el engaño y las mentiras del mandatorio norteamericano.

Biden no se comprometió en nada con los derechos de nuestro pueblo y vendió palabras venenosas y sin valor, affirmed the eve of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

In realidad, the mandate gave green light to Israel to complete its colonial project in the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem, denunció esa fuerza de izquierda.

While, Hazem Qassem, portavoz del Movimiento de Resistencia Islámica,

He called on the National Palestinian Authority to reject the policies of Washington.

During his estancia en la ciudad cisjordana de Belén, Biden repeated the same thesis from two days ago when he arrived in Israel, when he defended the solution of two states as the best way to put an end to the conflict, although he emphasized that it is not visible in the horizonte cercano.

“As president of the United States, my compromise with the objective of a solution of two States has not changed,” pointed out the democratic politician.

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No obstante, assured that “the terrain is not mature at this moment to restart the negotiations”.