October 6, 2022


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Panama and Colombia agree to emergency plan for immigration crisis – Prinza Latina

Depending on the reception conditions in the Isthmian territory, for this they will establish a coordination between the two sides, which will ensure the protection of the caravan against the aggression of hostility and organized crime from the virgin environment.

Colombia’s Vice President and Foreign Minister Marta Lucia Ramரres and Isthmian Foreign Minister Erica Maynes led the respective delegations that met in this city near the border to establish solutions to resolve the current wave in an orderly and safe way. Immigrants.

At a press conference, the headlines announced the end of the conversation, in which they agreed to maintain permanent coordination with the exchange of information and voter identification, in addition to guaranteeing the logistics of the movements.

Prior to the meeting, he invited a delegation to visit the Immigration Reception Camp in San Vicente, very close to the dividing line between the two countries. With difficult traffic.

Panama does its part and we welcome the fact that Colombia is ready to come to the table. This conversation continues and it is positive that we mention responsibilities. We need to create a common front against this continental phenomenon, ”the Panamanian foreign minister told reporters.

On August 11, Panama convened a group of countries creating a migration route to the summit and sought regional responses to the dangers of this informal route aimed at the North, according to an official statement from the Isthmian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. .

At the meeting, US Representative Anthony Blinken assured the press that his presence had been confirmed, and explained that his country had asked the United States to focus not only on the “Northern Triangle” but also on other areas where Haitian abuses pass. , A nation that is currently reaching its borders in large numbers.

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“This migration phenomenon, its lack of control or its uncontrolled process, affects all the countries it passes through and everyone is interested, and the collective response may be clearly different,” he said, adding that countries such as Mexico were asked to join the regional meeting.

An unprecedented number of 49,000 migrants have arrived in Panama via the Danish jungle, Istam Defense Minister Juan Pino told a news conference ahead of the meeting.

The Minister described the coordination initiated with his coordinators known as the ‘Southern Triangle’ by Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.

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