October 4, 2022


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Patricia Bulrich challenges Loretta: “I can be a candidate and present myself tomorrow”

One week after the lists were closed Elections 2021Together for Change tries to order its coaches and strengthen and compel a unit. They won in Buenos Aires and the “moderate faction” represented by the head of government of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Loretta, Agreed with the President of Pro, Patria Pulrich, So he will not present himself as the national deputy candidate in the city and will leave a clear path for the former governor Maria Eugenia Vidal.

“Because I’m not a candidate, I do not want to, I can be a candidate, I can present myself tomorrow”, He shot and killed the former officer in an interview D.N. He made it clear that Pro’s hard division had not lost the position of Loretta and Vidal in preparing the list of national delegates for the city of Buenos Aires.

In these ways, Pulrich denied that his decision to withdraw from the election had lost the difficult faction of Together for Change. “This is a completely wrong reading”, Answer and Challenge: “Because I’m not a candidate, I do not want to, I can be a candidate, I can present myself tomorrow.”

“I decided not to be a candidate because the debate coming from the opposition in Congress has always been reactionary, I hope that at this time we will explicitly develop that nostalgia for hope and progress buried with social projects As the middle class fell, the former defense minister argued for “winning an election again”.

In these ways, he insisted on it “You have to win an election, you have to have social power” It allows “Explain to people what changes need to be made, not the power of companies, You have to give that discussion. Argentina needs a hinge in history. ” In turn, at this new juncture where the main opposition coalition is underway, Pulrich criticized the government Mauricio Macri has no “courage”: “We do not have the courage to make profound changes.”

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In four years of administration he admitted it “No” They did “Changes in Social Policy, Labor Policy, Tax Policy” And raised: “If we do not change from the beginning, if we do not exempt taxes from production, if investments flow, if we do not do this, we must go with the courage to tell people that we are going to find many benefits. It is going to stop us.”“We have to talk to those who want to build Argentina, it’s progressing. Talking about acknowledging Argentina’s decline does not work,” Pulrich said.