November 28, 2022

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Paulsonaro was forced to eat on the street in New York because he had not been vaccinated

Leaders from around the world attending the United Nations were taken to New York City this Tuesday. Between meetings they can enjoy a wide range of restaurants in the city. Other than those who have not been vaccinated, entry is prohibited. And without distinction. This is the situation of Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro. His visit to the skyscraper on Sunday left an unpublished image: the president – who is skeptical of vaccines – took pizza in the middle of the street as restaurants were inaccessible.

How the Brazilian leader ate his first night in New York, where he was not allowed to enter restaurants in the city without proof of vaccine against Covit-19.


Bolsanaro is an authorized suspect of the vaccine, who reached the limits because he was not vaccinated in New York.

The far-right populist was a vaccine suspect, boasted he had not been vaccinated and said his immune system was strong enough to prevent the corona virus before moving to New York. Boris Johnson, who has been infected twice despite being vaccinated, advised not to trust him.

New York

Positive rumors in Brazilian diplomacy

Two cabinet ministers from his delegation released a photo of Bolzano and his aides eating pizza slices on the New York sidewalk on Sunday night. Bolsanaro supporters praised the cheerful leader’s casual “simplicity” of eating pizza on the street near the Manhattan Hotel where he was staying.

The Brazilian ambassador to the United Nations declined to comment on certain reports that a Brazilian diplomat had tested positive in New York.

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Bolzano was the first head of state to address the UN General Assembly on Tuesday morning.