October 6, 2022


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Pedro Castillo ended his cabinet with controversy and disagreement

First change:

The new president formed his cabinet and concluded with those in charge of the economic sectors, Pedro Frank; And Justice, Anapal Torres. The panel concluded amid criticism of the investigations facing other prospective officers. In addition, Guido Belido, the head of the recently sworn-in cabinet, is facing rejection in front of an extreme left-wing member of the president’s party, whose appointment has caused a collapse of the local currency in the markets.

Peru’s new president, Pedro Castillo, is trying to ease tensions around his cabinet by appointing a moderate left – wing economist as head of the economy: Pedro Frank.

The sun is a boost to the rebellious markets where the big currency has fallen, and last Thursday the president appointed Guido Belido, a radical left-wing faction minister, as minister. .

Every day for more than seven years the sun fell into a historic fall. The local stock market fell at least 6% during its session, recording the lowest close since November.

Vladimir Seron, the founder of the main rejection party against Belido, is a neurosurgeon and one of the closest people to declaring himself a Marxist and an admirer of the governments of Cuba and Venezuela. He was unable to run for president or accept a cabinet post due to allegations of corruption.

Initially, Belido’s appointment was intended to dampen investor confidence in a more modest cabinet, but now the inauguration of Frank, an excellent Castillo adviser who has helped soften the image of the newly elected president, is aimed at easing tensions among investors.

After his new inauguration in Lima, Peru on July 30, 2021, he became the new Minister of Economy of Peru, Pedro Frank Balve. E President of Peru via EFE

In a strong rejection and pacification effort, Castillo launched a message on his Twitter account, in which he responded: “Our commitment is great and he has no other interest than to dedicate our every effort to a very just, free and dignified country. We will not betray your trust.”

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But investors are increasingly skeptical about the direction Peru will take under Castillo.

However, they also won the votes of the poor in rural and isolated parts of the country. In recent weeks and in his inaugural address, the head of state has shown a very mild tone and has denied allegations of embezzlement.

This is the new Minister of Justice of Peru

Castillo’s other appointment to complete his cabinet is to take over the ministry of Anapal Torres, the judiciary. Torres was a member of the current president’s technical committee for the election and holds a doctorate in law and political science.

He is an experienced legal expert who must play a key role in one of the key promises of the new ruler: the constitutional change of the country.

“It will be interesting to see what his position is in the Constituent Assembly,” said former Justice Minister Ana Neira. On his first day as president, Castillo agreed that as a first step he would introduce a bill that would allow Congress to create a new Magna Carta, a decision that provoked the rejection of many opposition parties.

Castillo begins his government with disagreements in his cabinet

The pressure and criticism against Castillo is setting the potential direction his cabinet could take, not only by finance and his political opponents, but also within his own party.

Both the new Minister of Economy and the Minister of Justice rejected Bellido’s appointment. In fact, this is the reason why they were reluctant to accept the post at the last minute and refused to take office on Thursday with the rest of the ministers.

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Another review focuses on the fact that only two of the 16 ministers are women. Anaha Durand will lead the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable People; And Tina Poluarde, elected vice president, who will lead the portfolio of development and community integration.

Other ministers are on trial

In addition to these controversies, Castillo’s decision to appoint attorney Iber Marave as Minister of Labor provoked fears over his involvement with Conor-Sudeb, even though he was known for his career in the education sector of his country.

It is a branch of the teaching profession close to the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (Movadef), defined by the Police and the Lawyer’s Office as the legal arm of the Shining Bath Terrorist Group.

Another rejection of the appointment of Attorney Walter Neighbor as the new Minister of Defense was allowed for operational malpractice. He was fired as chairman of the Lima Bar Association (CAL) ethics committee in 2019 for suspending the education of former Supreme Court lawyer Pedro Gonzalo Chavez, who was tried in the Los Quellos Blancos del Puerto case.

In addition, the Peruvian press was full of various disciplinary restrictions when Ayala served as a member of the National Police in the past.

Among them, six days of harsh arrests were cited by local media after authorities determined he had “committed serious crimes against police discipline and discipline.”

Against this backdrop, President Pedro Castillo is launching his government full of controversy and contradictions inside and outside his political party. Both circumstances may have hampered his key campaign promises, topping his work list: pressure on a constitutional legislature.

With Reuters, EFE and local media