October 6, 2022


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Pedro Castillo’s hard first scene – Juventus Rebel

It was known that the route to change in Peru could be steeper than the roads leading to the rural school in the mountainous Cajamarca of Pedro Castillo.

Farmer, he is trained to make long and steep long journeys. But if it is necessary to do so with obvious obstacles in front of them it is very difficult to get them back, and take care not to remove the large stones that cause flooding.

Landslide hazards seem to be everywhere. The initial reluctance of the new Congress to approve his cabinet and the intimidation of some opposition lawmakers have prompted him to seek a well-known vacancy to oust the president if he intends to impose his cabinet. The President has its most important and most difficult task in establishing the Constituent Assembly.

To get to that point, it will first be necessary to save company-based avenues, which, precisely because of its instability, are one of the Achilles heels of recent Peruvian democracy.

Despite the bloodthirstiness of some right-wing benches — especially the Renaissance Popular (RP), led by stubborn rival Keiko Fujimori, who is more militant in the hemisphere than Fursa Peru – one should expect them to think well before. An urgent decision.

PR legislators and their followers should not forget that in November 2020, the same legal concept – mass protests created by the use of a good way called “vacancy”, “reasonable” dismissal. Remove then-President Martin Viscar.

If that legal conspiracy happens now, and by greater force and organization that reaction may recur: the juice of the vote for Pedro Castillo was precisely delivered by those demonstrations, which sent dissatisfaction with the denial that, at first, irresponsible and badly pulled the strings of the congressional regime in that way, descending at will. They emptied the discontent of the people until the demand for a new constitution was acted upon.

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With those new developments, the new parliament could dissolve the legislature in the face of the recurrence of the erroneous actions of its predecessors, insisting that President Pedro Castillo did not recognize its ministers. Since Congress may try to keep him “vacant” for “permanent moral impotence” it will be a matter of looking at who pays first.

However, the avalanche of attacks against the new government will not reach that place. In a brilliant approach that avoids the great damage of a conspiracy with an incalculable popular reaction, the right-wing leader of parliament, Maria del Carmen Alva, said, “It would be worrying if the trust was denied (cabinet approval if she spoke) at this time.

Ministers appointed by Castillo are required to present to the legislature the approval of the head of the cabinet, Prime Minister Guido Bellido, to speak to Andean’s lawyer, who is accused of promoting Quechua and terrorism. The indictment, taken by the hairdresser, is based on the decontextualized statement of an interview he gave a long time ago.

Belido is not the only minister hostile to them, but he is the most important of the group of five portfolio leaders to be challenged. If the Prime Minister does not approve, the entire cabinet, made up of “but” identified or left-leaning talented individuals, will have to resign.

For all to pass, Bellido must receive the votes of 66 of the 130 legislators in parliament. The ruling party and the largest bench, the Liberal Party, has only 37 members, and its ally Veronica Mendoza has only five members, which is necessary to win other support in the nuclear-armed Congress in the presence of ten. Fujimorista Fursa Popular 24 After the 16th seat, the third minority, the Assisan popular political forces, seems poised to deliver. Other minority parties may join.

Faced with this situation, the strategy of the New Order continues to be conversational, which was the training of Pedro Castillo as he delayed his premiere, refined his premiere in a month and a half, divided the patient and hard work and softened the texts to bring the levels closer, based on consensus rather than conflict.

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Bellido has already begun conversations, fulfilling the announcement he made during an interview this week. «(…) We must all be wide, because the country is ahead, our brothers have problems (…) Today, the democratic process: listening, reaching agreements, aiming to solve the country’s problems, and sitting back.

Will it be asked?

Vladimir Seron, the leader of the socialist Peruvian Liberals, a surgeon and former governor, described what was going on in his Twitter account on the right under unfounded allegations that the judicial file was open: “They have the democratic weapons to stop us because a real people’s government has been established What a wonderful way to screw people over. “

Another tweet from the man who had to leave the government was even more rhetorical: பிரச்சினை The vacancy issue has become an expression of the tolerance of the changes to achieve the left, the province, the Andean and the more equal country. The rest is pure excuse.

The challenge of transformation

Despite the talk of a polarized country taking into account a narrow but solid difference vote balance of 44,058 votes between Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori – the sites that support it will ultimately be the most important security fence for the persecuted government.

Respect for the people’s power, which has been proven while defending the peaceful opposition and votes against Keiko Fujimori’s maneuvers, forms the first bulwark to thwart secret conspiracy theories.

If these sites are submitted to a referendum at the discretion of the President, it may decide to pass the Constituent Assembly for a long time, although the call for consultation must be approved by Congress.

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The current Magna Carta did not anticipate the referendum, but rather a rule that asked Castillo to respect a constitutional reform of the legislature that prompted parliament to consider the draft call. But he recalled that the original block power emanated from the people and “not from the rulers or the authorities.” Moreover, according to the Constitutional Court, that power must be exercised exclusively by popular vote.

The matter is already under discussion by legal experts, and some have pointed out that the consultation could begin with a request signed by ten percent of citizens over the age of 18, an event that calls for a quorum to allow the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE).

These procedures may be awaited or verified after a confrontation created by the opposition around the Cabinet. But many of the changes approved by the ruler during his inauguration speech are already underway.

Some of the ways in which executives dismantle the neo-liberal model and establish another project are unique and innovative, which Pedro Castillo called social gain, by which he wants all investment in the economy to benefit that area. Of the place where it is carried out, for its people.

Encouraging the state to participate more in the economy without nationalization, and to promote its contribution to the business as a majority partner compared to those who invest in capital, and to take up most of what has so far provided great resources மற்ற New contract ர்களுடன் with private investors.

These and other measures will depend on whether the state has the resources to do the first thing the majority wants: to close the social gap without distorting the stability of the majority.

Such desire and the announced changes in health and education make up ABC in Professor Pedro Castillo’s Primer. But the task is long: in your transformation manual, it is only the first lesson.