November 28, 2022

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Pelosi confirms viaje a Asia, no mentiona Taiwan

BEIJING (AP) — The president of the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, confirmed on Sunday that this week she will visit four Asian countries but did not mention Taiwan, which has caused tensions with China.

In a statement, Pelosi said that she would lead a legislative delegation in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan to talk about commerce, the fight against the pandemic, climate change, regional security and democratic governance.

Pelosi has not confirmed reports that she will visit Taiwan. The Chinese president Xi Jinping, in a telephone conversation on Thursday with the North American president Joe Biden, warned that the United States should not mediate in Taiwan.

China considers todo contacto estadounidense con Taiwan como aliento a que la isla, que de facto es autónoma, se independice permanentemente. Pelosi, como titular de una de las tres ramas del gobierno norteamericano, sería la funcionaria de mayor ranko en visitar taiwan since que lo hizo Newt Gingrich, también presidente de la cámara, en 1997.

“Under the strong leadership of President Biden, the United States is ironically committed to strategic contact with the region, with the understanding that a free and prosperous Indo-Pacific region is crucial for the security of our region and the world.” dice la declaración.

Taiwan and China seceded in 1949 when the communists in mainland China won the civil war. Both parties say that they are a single country, but they disagree on what the legitimate government is. No tienen relaciones oficiales pero están entrelazados por thousands de millones de dollars en comercio e inversiones.

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The United States changed its diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979, but maintains informal relations with the island. Washington is obligated by federal law to ensure that Taiwan’s government has the means to defend itself.

Beijing has not given details on how Pelosi will react to visiting Taiwan, but the Ministerio de Defensa warned last week that China’s forces will take “fuertes medidas para impedir cualquier interference extranjera”.

El Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de China affirmed that “quienes jueguen con fuego, por fuego perecerán”.