October 6, 2022


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Peru: Castillo will ask Congress to halve the salaries of ministers and congressmen

Image: Sebastian Castaneda / Reuters.

It was announced by Pointe Castillo, who was elected President of Peru Will ask Congress to halve the salaries of ministers and congressmen, The local media reported during the 2021 National Assembly of his party Peru Libre this Saturday.

“We are going to propose in Congress that the salaries of ministers and Congressmen should be halved,” the politician said. “We are going to drop the president’s salary and we are going to lead the country’s fate with a teacher’s salary,” he added.

This Tuesday, Peruvian election officials finally confirmed the victory of the left-wing candidate and declared him president of Peru, after a tense wait of more than a month, putting the country on the brink of a new political crisis since the second round took place. Election, on June 6th.

The National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) declared the winner The presidential formula for Peru Libre includes Point Pedro Castillo as president and Dina Boulevard As first vice president.

Elections were held amid intense political polarization after a four-year turmoil over the resignation of President Pablo Kuczynski; Removal of his successor Martin Viscar; The brief presidency of Manuel Merino – the office that was pressured by popular protests – and the current administration of Francisco Sagasti to hand over power to Castillo.

The new Congress, to be formed on July 27, is marked by a high-level piece. Some experts raise the possibility that the far-right may resort to measures such as a withdrawal or a constitutional indictment, a no-confidence vote or some other means of weakening the executive, which could be a challenge to gain public support to change these possibilities.

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In addition to Magna Carta’s reforms, a referendum will be held in the future to call for a Constituent Assembly, one of Castillo’s election promises. Until now, they have begun collecting signatures to summon it, with the Peruvian librarian agreeing that the first call to parliament on July 28, the day he takes office, should “immediately” plan for it. With it. The first constitution of the people. “

(With information from RT in Spanish)