October 6, 2022


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Peru’s Interior Ministry will strengthen support for the protection of farmers – Prinza Latina

The report of the aforementioned organization states that it wants to strengthen coordination, cooperation and pronunciation with rounds at the national level.

Such strengthening will guarantee greater security, security and social peace for rural communities through employment agreements and joint action plans.

The idea, he added, is to strengthen the relationship between political officials, the police and social organizations, such as Rondas Campinas, which is owned by President Pedro Castillo.

Prior to this work, the Directorate of Farmers’ Circle of the Ministry of Home Affairs has 32 joint employment contracts at the district level, signed by the department and rural police stations and other state agencies, with centers for agricultural circuits.

The agreements were signed with power plants in Amazonas, Ankash, Cajamarca, Cusco, La Libertad, Pura, Puno and San Martின்n and are expected to sign another 50 deals in ten regions during the rest of the year.

Provides insights training and exchange of information when needed for occasional meetings and parties, as well as patrolling and sharing and / or joint surveillance and cooperation with ordinary and routine justice.

Right-wing political forces are about to attack Rhondas Campacinas and turn into a paramilitary force to occupy the cities to fight the opposition, which has been denied by the government and the Rondors.

Interior Minister Juan Carasco predicts that people in popular areas will be integrated into civil defense groups to fight rising crime.

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