September 30, 2022

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Peru’s JNE begins announcing unsubstantiated petitions for zero of records provided by Fujimori

Magistrate Louis Ars calls his resignation “lack of transparency” at JNE

The Electoral Commission announces a “legal assessment” of Arsin’s resignation to “take immediate action to protect democracy.”

Madrid, 24 June. (Europa Press) –

Peru’s National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) began this Wednesday, dismissing the minutes’ demands put forward by Fursa Popular’s presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, declaring ten files unsubstantiated and dozens to be reviewed.

The full session of the JNE voted in favor of declaring these first appeals going through the electoral system to be unfounded, after receiving the same assessment in the Special Electoral Arbitration Tribunals (JEE), which has already reviewed all the challenges without finding “challenges”. “The Liberal candidate was condemned by the conservative candidate in the framework of the presidential election that will give victory to Point Pedro Castillo.

In particular, the decision was made at an election committee session with a vote against Judge Louis Ars, and later J.N.E. Peruvian media outlet La Replica reported that the member had issued his “irreversible” complaint.

Although he is not currently allowed to step down, Ars pointed out in a letter that he was resigning “in order to block the representation he uses and his minority vote, which is in fact used to verify the erroneous constitutional debates in the JNE.”

“Allegations of fraud, as well as complaints by JNE leader George Salas Arenas, such as the lack of transparency and attitude to find out the truth of the election, show questionable intentions to determine the fate of our nation, exaggerating the traditions of justice and electoral truth,” Los Colos Blancos ” Ars, who is being investigated in the framework of the so-called judicial corruption scandal, said.

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According to Peruvian officials, it is a criminal organization established in the judiciary and is dedicated to bribery, money laundering and influence, politicians and businessmen have trouble with the law.

For its part, JNE has announced that it has begun legal evaluation of the document released by the RS, in which he explains the reasons for his resignation. “We have started a legal assessment of it, which will allow immediate action to be taken to protect democracy and avoid the completion of the electoral process,” the agency said.

“There is no evidence of fraud in the electoral system. That is why we generally call on the community to support our country’s democratic policies,” JNE said in a statement on its Twitter profile.

Lists of elections

Before rejecting the first ten appeals put forward by Fujimori, the full session of the JNE did not recognize the opportunity for Fuiza Popular to access the voter list for the second round of the presidential election. Habeas has filed a petition for data against the National Electoral Process Office (ONPE).

According to the party, “there are a large number of ballot papers, including fraudulent signatures, impersonation of voters on their ballot papers, observation of records on a formal and material basis, as well as adulteration of final results.”

In this context, Fursa Popular reiterated its allegations of “fraud” at a press conference this Wednesday, urging JNE to take into account the expertise it provided and the demand for voter lists.

It also called for an international audit to consider the “truth” of the election results.

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The lawsuit was probably funded by Lourdes Florus, a lawyer who has been involved in allegations of fraud.

Peru is waiting to meet its next president, leaving the left-wing Castillo with 50.12 percent of the vote after the controversial second round on June 6, ahead of the radical conservative option he represents. Fujimori, with 49.87 percent of the vote, demanded a zero of minutes.

Currently, these are being reviewed in JNE, while Fursa has launched a judicial campaign to try to change the status of the popular candidate.

Election Day was overseen by various national and international organizations, with diplomatic missions by observers from the Organization of American States (OAS) or the European Union (EU) rejecting the allegations.