July 2, 2022


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Peruvian communists and socialists are highlighting the Borik election in Chile

In the statements of Louis Villanueva to Brenza Latina, General Secretary of the Peruvian Communist Party (PCP); Deputy Secretary-General of the Communist Party-Red Homeland (PC-PR), Manuel Guerrero; And Socialist Party leader Ida Garcia Naranzo.

“With regard to the victory of Gabriel’s war, we respect the unity of the people and the breadth of the proposals put forward by the Left parties and progressives, where the Communists are the heroes of this struggle,” Villanueva said.

He added that “extreme right-wingers and fascists are not defeated every day,” and expressed Chile’s desire that “a broad popular, participatory and anti-imperialist structure must be built on consensus.”

He noted that Chile was strengthening the process of trying to close the new liberal cycle facing Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru and Honduras and to shake the imperial yoke. , Argentina is now Chile.

He said the left and progressive sectors were making progress in Colombia and Ecuador, and that Lula’s victory in Brazil was to be expected.

In Chile, left-wing, progressive, democratic and patriotic tendencies were confirmed in Latin America, using the gaps of liberal democracy to reach government positions.

“The United States and its minions are increasingly having difficulty asserting their hegemony,” he said, adding that the region was experiencing a process of emerging Latin America’s independent integration.

According to Guevara, the challenges to government are enormous, the right will not rest on its laurels in its attempt to defeat the Chilean process, and the lesson continues that only conscious, organized and mobilized people can confront and defeat reactionary plans.

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Aida García Naranjo congratulated the Socialist Party on the war’s victory and endorsed the words of the next Chilean president in the sense of “hope overcame fear.”

“Jose Antonio Castin’s progress and his commitment to breaking with liberal democracy, in the path to historic fascism, failed in 2020 with the massive social mobilization he chose, and he decided to change the constitution derived from the bloody dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.” He commented.

He warned that the challenge of war would be enormous because during his tenure there would be a referendum on the new constitution, which was drawn up by the Constituent Assembly, led by Eliza Logan, who publicly supported the war.

Garcia Naranzo also pointed out that the new liberal ruler, Sebastian Pinera, was ending his term with the stigma of corruption for selling his Domingo mine as a slander in a tax haven.

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