October 4, 2022


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Pope Francis has called for prayers for adequate care for the mentally ill

Vatican City, October 10 (Brenza Latina) Pope Francis today called on the mentally ill to pray for them and their families so that they are not abandoned or discriminated against, but rather welcomed and supported.
In a comment he made after concluding the Angels prayer on Sunday to mark World Mental Health Day, Supreme Pandit recalled that “brothers and sisters and victims of mental disorders, mostly young people, commit suicide.”

‘Mental health in an unequal world’ is the theme chosen to draw attention to the imbalances in memory and treatment and care of the mentally ill this year, said Cardinal Peter Durksen, head of the Department of Comprehensive Human Development Services.

In this sense, the cardinal pointed out that in low- and middle-income countries, where 75 to 95 percent of people with mental illness do not receive this specialty in health services, the situation is not better in high-income countries.

He stressed that before the Govt-19 epidemic, the number of people with this type of problem worldwide was estimated at nearly one billion.

The cardinal pointed out that these measures were an additional cause of loneliness for patients, emphasizing the inability to carry out routine activities, especially marginalization of those admitted to social assistance agencies and psychiatric hospitals.

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