September 30, 2022

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Pope highlights the value of unity, cooperation and responsibility – Brenza Latina

In a speech to participants at the International Conference of the Pontifical Foundation on behalf of Centaurus Anas, Francis considered it necessary to address key issues these days.

The uncertainty and uncertainty that characterizes the existence of so many peoples and communities are important reflections of an era when they are exacerbated by an economic system that rejects lives in the name of the god of money, he said.

After noting that the system promotes hypocritical attitudes towards the earth’s resources and feeds on all sorts of evils, the Pope said “we cannot be indifferent in confronting this.”

In this sense, the response to injustices and exploitation was not only to complain, but above all, to actively promote the good, while at the same time highlighting the meaning of the words ‘unity, cooperation and responsibility’. Theme of the conference.

He stressed that these words refer to the ‘three axes raised by the social doctrine of the Church, which sees the human person naturally open to relationships, the pinnacle of creation and the center of social, economic and political order’.

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