January 20, 2021

Post-corona virus recovery begins with immigrants and international students

EST was released on December 27, 2020 at 04:00 AM

International students and new immigrants are important in Canada’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Companies across the country are inevitably making a difference in their local communities, placing the best place to train newcomers and Canadians to integrate into the labor market, which is an article Colleges and Institutes Canada Suggests.

The infection has affected global travel, and Canada is no exception. In March 2020, Canada introduced travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus. Despite this, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC) continued to process applications for permanent residency. Regular Express entry Tracks also took place. This is because Canada needs to continue to attract high-skilled individuals who are qualified to make the journey to the Great White North as it prepares for economic recovery.

In addition, International students Are exempt from these travel restrictions. New students can also apply and get admission. Canada recognizes the importance of international students to its future employees.

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Canadian employers and small businesses will greatly benefit by safely reopening our borders to new immigrants and international students. This will help them address their labor needs.

This is required Immigration Not new. Prior to the outbreak, Canada aims to welcome an increasing number of new immigrants each year, and employers and industry leaders are calling for more effective immigration programs. This is because the aging population in Canada is creating a labor shortage. The epidemic only increased the need for new skills.

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According to the Canadian Free Trade Association (CFIP), the vast majority of labor shortages are at least for college diplomas or trainee careers. The CFIB also suggested that small businesses should rely heavily on immigrants and temporary workers.

Newcomers will have access to short-term programs and ‘micro-credentials’ that will enable them to quickly integrate into the labor market by updating their skills. Canadian citizens can also join these training options. These options help newcomers develop the skills needed to get jobs.

Options for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada

There are many ways for people with skilled work experience to choose when migrating to Canada. According to the latest Immigration Levels Plan for 2021-2023, Canada aims to welcome more than 400,000 new permanent residents each year. About 60 percent will migrate as skilled workers.

The main way for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada is through three major economic class immigration programs: Federal Skilled Employee Program (FSWP), The Federal Efficient Business Plan (FSTP) and Canadian Experience Class (C.E.C.). These projects are managed by a key utility management body called Express Entry, the federal government of Canada.

Those who qualify for the Express Entry System can create a profile and enter their details. Based on the information provided to the candidates a Extensive ranking system (CRS) score. High-scoring candidates are invited to apply for permanent residency at the regular express entry tracks.

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