July 2, 2022


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President Biden pledges to expedite donation of vaccines ahead of progress on Omigran variant – Brenza Libre

US President Joe Biden on September 2 promised to expedite the donation of COV-19 vaccines to other countries in the face of an expansion of the Omigran variant, two of which have already been identified in the United States.

In a speech explaining his strategy for tackling the epidemic this winter, Biden promised that his government would provide an additional $ 200 million to other countries in the next 100 days, until mid-March.

“This will put us on track to deliver more than 1.2 billion doses to other parts of the world (since the onset of the epidemic),” Biden said in a speech from the headquarters of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States. , In English).

To date, the United States has donated more than 275 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to 110 countries, including 94 million doses to countries in Africa, according to the White House.

However, the Biden administration has confirmed that it has set aside adequate doses for its own people to be vaccinated, which does not address the suspicion of vaccines: only 59% of Americans are vaccinated at full schedule and 21% at booster dose.

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The President stressed that Americans will always ensure that they are “protected” before helping other countries, but that donating vaccines is not only “a moral obligation” but also helps prevent the proliferation of new species that can reach their country.

“The United States is doing its part, and we will do more. But this is a global epidemic and we must fight it together.

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Biden thanked South Africa for announcing to the world the origins of the Omigran variant “quickly” and reaffirmed that this kind of transparency that allows the epidemic to be controlled “should be encouraged and appreciated.”

From next Monday, the President reiterated that all travelers to the United States must submit a negative test for the corona virus at least 24 hours prior to flight, regardless of vaccination status or country of departure before the new Omigron. Variation.

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Minnesota authorities announced a second outbreak this Thursday after a man who traveled to South Africa discovered the first confirmed case of the Omigran variant in the United States on Wednesday in California.

A Minnesota resident who traveled to New York City to attend the Anime NYC 2021 conference attended by 53,000 people between November 19 and 21 has already been vaccinated and developed “mild symptoms” of Govt-19. Resolved.