October 7, 2022


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President of Costa Rica completes vaccination against Govt-19 – Prinza Latina

The 41-year-old Dico leader and his wife, First Lady Claudia Dobles, 40, 30 and 57, are in the group, and health officials have reduced the use of the second dose of the vaccine without risk factors to accelerate maximum protection against the disease in Kovit-19.

Alvarado and Doubles received their second biopsy from the Pfizer / Bioentech consortium at the Extramural Vaccination Center at the Santa Ana-Cubesana RL Health Area in Delras de Lindora.

‘We have to continue the double action. It is a personal responsibility, because the war is won in the conscience of every person, ‘said the Costa Rican president, who called on the people to be vaccinated and protect themselves from the disease.

The most insecure people today who are not vaccinated are at a critical juncture that can change the history of how we get out of this difficult test, ”the president said. Predictions of the number of infections and statistics never seen in the 19 months of the epidemic.

He said there was pressure in hospitals, for which he insisted on compliance with protocols such as hygiene measures and hand washing, avoiding crowds and maintaining distance to reduce the spread of the virus.

There are currently 156 new daily additions from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS, here Public Health Responsibility), which means that a new Govt-19 patient is admitted to the hospital every nine minutes.

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