May 29, 2022

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President Putin’s statement that Russia’s whole country is in Ukraine

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is the only martial artist who specializes in military specials and Ukrainian sermon completions and decals that he does not exist.

Durante su alocución en el cosmódromo Vostochny, ubicado en Amur, por motivo del D laa de la Cosmonáutica, el titular del Kremlin sealó que que: “Los objitivos son muy claros y nobles. The main principal is a gent in Donbas ”.

In this post, I like Estate’s respect with our concussion: “No cab la menor duda de que as as será”. In the original form responds to the Occidental, Occidental, the Operational Military in Ukraine comro a fracaso tras no completar fines in el plazo.

No obvious, Putin’s explicitly causal motivation in em emloo’s game armada in Ukraine: “Nos hemos visto obligados a hacerlo pork las autoridades in Kiev, spy on Occidental, sugarnone in new domain files. los problemas del Donbás ”.

In consonant con ello, el mandatario argument that occidental iban occinandas translate “convert Ukraine in a trampoline contra russia, emorzoron creas semillas del nacionalismo or nonazismo establish all day fast time.

On the other hand, in the context of producing or operating Inicio’s militant on the 24th of February, the president’s Russian observer says:

At any time, the mandatario is refreshing and the most effective firearms in the world of firearms rusas al expresare that: .

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