September 30, 2022

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Putin and Biden meet in Geneva (+ video)

At the beginning of the meeting, Putin thanked Putin for his efforts to meet, noting that relations between the two countries had “accumulated many problems.” Photo: Denise Polybows / Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US envoy Joe Biden will meet for the first time on June 16 in Villa la Grange, Geneva (Switzerland). Since the White House tenant took office.

The two leaders met in the hall of the villa, where Swiss President Guy Formalin attended, and Putin plans to hold a separate meeting after the Russia-US summit. After hearing the Swiss president’s welcome address, Putin and Pitton exchanged greetings and shook hands. Then they entered the building.

At the beginning of the meeting, Putin thanked Pita for meeting, noting that relations between the two countries had “accumulated many problems” that should be noted during high-level talks. In this context, he expressed confidence that the summit would be “productive”.

The head of the White House suggested that the two countries work in areas of “mutual interest”.

The summit comes amid mounting tensions between the United States and Russia, which have led to the expulsion of diplomats and mutual sanctions in recent months. Despite warnings from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov not to exaggerate expectations, both Moscow and Washington now hope the meeting will contribute to the normalization of bilateral relations.

The attempt to hold the meeting came from Washington. In mid-April, Putin and Biden had a phone conversation The US president reaffirmed his intention to “build a stable and predictable relationship with Russia” and proposed holding a meeting in a third country to “discuss the full range of issues facing Washington and Moscow.”

What will be the format of the summit?

As part of the small-scale talks, President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov are expected to attend on the Russian side, while the United States will be represented by Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

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Representative-level talks will continue, after which Putin and Biden will hold separate press conferences rather than joint talks.

Overall, taking into account suspensions and design changes, The Putin-Biden summit is expected to last about five hours.

After a face-to-face meeting with Biden, Putin is scheduled to meet separately with Swiss President Guy Permelin.

What topics will be addressed?

Announcing that the meeting would take place in Geneva on June 16, the Kremlin announced that it was “planning to address issues of government and opportunities in bilateral relations, issues of strategic stability and current issues on the international agenda. Fighting corona virus infection and resolving regional conflicts ”.

Last week, Putin noted that Russia’s main goals for the summit include Re-establishing personal contacts and having a direct conversation with the United States, as well as developing communication mechanisms that actually work.

According to Lavrov, Moscow also plans to remind Washington of Russia’s proposal to ban the sending of medium- and short-range missiles to Europe. In addition, Russia plans to hear the US position on resuming cooperation in the field of cyber security.

At the meeting, Fiden announced that he intended to raise the issue of human rights in particular, as well as Russian interference in US elections and alleged Russian cyber-attacks on the infrastructure of the North American nation.

On other topics, the two leaders will also discuss issues related to economic cooperation and climate.

In the video, the Putin-Biden summit begins in Geneva

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