September 25, 2022

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Putin – Merkel arrives in Russia with a broad agenda to review with Brenza Latina

The Kremlin said the two leaders would review the status of relations and discuss regional and international issues. Meanwhile, German government spokesman Stephen Seifert pointed out that Afghanistan, Ukraine and Belarus would be on the agenda.

Speaking to the TASS news agency, German political scientist Alexander Rahr said during talks that the head of the Berlin administration would try to create conditions to resolve the situation in eastern Ukraine.

“I think he wants to end his leadership with a positive move towards Russia,” he said. In his opinion, German politics “wants to put points in its relations with Russia, as well as build a bridge where its political successor can go and work with Moscow.”

He pointed out that the federal president wants to “save the Minsk agreements” ratified by the rulers of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany in 2015 to find a political solution to the conflict in the Donbass region.

This is Merkel’s second trip to Moscow in two years, although this time she went within weeks of handing over the post.

The previous was in January 2020, after which they discussed conflicts between Ukraine, Libya, Syria and the United States and Iran.

According to German media, another topic of conversation this Friday was the Nortstream 2 gas pipeline, which will be completed and connect Russia and Germany to the bottom of the Baltic Sea, which was widely rejected by Washington and Kiev.

After his visit to the capital, the head of the German government will leave for Ukraine on the 22nd, his spokesman Stephen Seibert said.

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