September 30, 2022

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Putin to attend Asia-Pacific Cooperation Council meeting – Brenza Latin

New Zealand, the group’s current chairman, convened the meeting with the aim of analyzing and finding collective solutions to the economic and global health challenges posed by the Govt-19 epidemic.

Created in 1989, the APEC Forum is an intergovernmental dialogue mechanism that does not have the status of an international body. It includes the 21 largest economies in both regions, including China, the United States, Russia and Japan.

Moscow joined the forum at the Kuala Lumpur Summit in November 1998, with its main efforts focused on creating a favorable institutional environment for national economic operators and stimulating cooperation with regional countries, particularly Siberia and the Far East.

Russia’s attempt to revive the economy and integrate its remote regions has already become a long-standing vector of APEC action and has been adopted by other regional models.

In the context of work related to overcoming the epidemic and its socio-economic consequences, the Federation encouraged Russian vaccines and other developments in the country in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus.

Last year, Putin attended an online forum summit in Malaysia; Something that was carried out in 2017 in Vietnam; And presided over the 2012 held in Vladivostok.

During the November 2020 meeting, representatives of the APEC member states adopted the Putrajaya guidelines for the development of the forum, a new plan that would transform the Pokோர்mon goals announced in 1994.

The new action plan provides for an open, flexible and peaceful community by 2040, which can guarantee a free, fair, non-discriminatory, transparent and predictable business and investment environment.

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To achieve this, the project proposes to strengthen regional connectivity, introduce innovations, reduce digital gaps, promote growth that includes human resources, and transcend climate and environmental goals.

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