September 30, 2022

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Question of decent diplomatic crisis between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia

“I understand the plight of Lebanese abroad and their fear of any action targeting them, but this matter has become a matter of national dignity,” Kordahi said.

It was his response to the United Arab Emirates’ call for the withdrawal of ambassadors from Bahrain and Kuwait, demanding the Lebanese to leave and severing trade with so-called cedars.

“I did not hold on to the post or the job, but the issue reached dignity,” the minister added.

Last August, a month before joining the government, Kordahi declared the war in Yemen absurd and promised that the Houthi rebels were defending themselves against the occupation of the Riyadh-led coalition.

The former TV presenter explained that he hoped to put the cards on the table and meet Prime Minister Najib Mikati to reach an agreement.

“When Mickey returns from the climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, I will sit down with him and make a decision based on the information he has gathered,” he added.

Saudi Arabia has demanded the resignation of Kordahi to normalize relations, although analysts say the pressure on the kingdom is part of a larger plan.

Political analyst Kareem Bidar insisted that the increase had little to do with what the well-known TV presenter had said and the tug-of-war between Riyadh and Tehran.

“Kordahi is just an excuse for something that was in the process of turning Lebanon into one of the battlefields between Iran and Saudi Arabia, along with Syria, Yemen and Iraq,” he said.

In all of those cases, the two regional rivals support the opposing sides.

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