September 25, 2022

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Race for United Kingdom and Climate Leadership (+ Photos + Info + Video) – Brenza Latin

The commitments made by the British authorities to become a champion in the fight against climate change are many and varied, with some doubting their seriousness, or the real possibility of putting them into practice.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who wants world leaders to attend the UN Climate Change Conference or COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland next November, hoped that the joint efforts would allow humanity to develop technological solutions to the environmental emergency.

Said it was over …

Johnson’s hope that the UK will become “Saudi Arabia of wind power”, however, many British environmentalists, environmentalists and politicians have doubts about how the government can respect such a commitment.

Undoubtedly, the United Kingdom is leading the fight against climate change globally, but it still needs to outline a long-term strategy with the policies and investments needed to achieve the zero emission target, Gareth Redmond-King assured Prensa Latina in the Energy and Climate Investigation Division (ECI)

In the opinion of the director of that independent British non-profit organization, some of the decisions recently taken by the government differ greatly from the official discourse.

For example, he noted the reduction in international development aid, investments in the construction of new roads, the reduction of the tax rate for domestic flights and the cancellation of funds to improve energy efficiency in homes and the initial covert support for construction. Of another coal mine in the North West of England.

Ed Miliband, a Labor legislator who serves as Minister of Commerce and Energy in the so-called shadow cabinet (opposition), is one of those who believes there must be a realistic plan to support new and lofty goals.

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The public knows that announcing a goal is not the same as meeting it, and they really want to be able to trust the consistent leadership of a government that is honest, random, fair and uses “green makeup,” Miliband wrote on Twitter, following Johnson’s announcement at the World Leaders Summit.

Climate uprisings

For its part, the British Environment Group Extinction Rebellion (XR) considers that the government has lost targets, considering the magnitude of the climate emergency.

According to the British organization, which was established in 2018 and is known for holding colorful and spectacular demonstrations across the United Kingdom, the time to try to prevent the environmental crisis is over, and by 2025 no one will escape the catastrophic impact of climate change unless pollution emissions are reduced to zero.

Unless urgent and drastic measures are taken, we will move on to 4C warming, the social catastrophe and the massive loss of life that it signifies, the XR warned in a report, where it promised a “summer uprising” in London. And during the G7 summit in Cornwall in June, in addition to other activities not yet disclosed than COP26.

Is the light at the end of the tunnel?

Redmond-King is among those who believe that there is only a short time left to save the planet, but he disagrees with those who say COP26 will be the last chance to achieve it, but sees the conference with the sponsorship of the United Nations as an important moment in making new commitments. Six more years after the Paris Agreement, more ambitious goals.

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He assured that if science is clear and emissions can be reduced to zero by the middle of this century, we will have a reliable opportunity to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees.

However, the expert pointed out that it is necessary to act now and make cuts as soon as possible, because he warned that any delay would increase the cost of operations and the impact of climate change.

“Rich and highly polluting countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States have an obligation to reduce their emissions as soon as possible, as well as developing countries to provide financial and credit relief to help achieve their goals, protect and restore nature. And to bear the costs of the impact of climate change,” he said.

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