November 28, 2022

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Radio Habana Cuba | Colombia: Congress subscribes declaration of support to Cuba (+Photos)

Restrepo recalcó que el origen de las actions desestabilizadoras
en Cuba apuntan a una massive operación de guerra política
y psycologica desde el extranjero. Photo taken from Twitter

La Habana, July 11 (RHC) Senator Omar Restrepo, of the Comunes party, and other congressmen of Colombia expressed this Monday in Bogotá, their adherence to a public declaration in support of the Cuban Revolution, of the Group of Reflection, of Latin America and Caribbean

In the text, the collective manifested its repudiation of the violent acts generated on July 11, 2021 that perseguían “destabilize the social and political environment in Cuba, and they translated into serious acts of vandalism and violent attacks on members of the police force.” .

Recalcó que las evidencias del origen de such actions destabilizadoras point to a massive operation of political and psychological warfare, instrumented from abroad and operated through digital war centers and tens of thousands of false accounts in social networks.

“Estos actos destabilizadores se inscriben en la llamada Estrategia de Guerra de Amplio Spectro, que el Gobierno de los Estados Aplicados desde hace 60 años contra el pueblo de la República de Cuba”, he underlined.

Ricardo Patino. Photo: Archivo/RHC

“This war includes, in addition, the inhumane economic, commercial and financial blockade, the manipulation of information, the financing of groups and persons who oppose socialism in the island, the limitation of human contacts and exchanges, and other measures contrary to international law.” los derechos humanos, de cubanos y estudiantes”, added the text.

Advirtió que esa estrategia de agresión pretend que, agobiado por las limitations of todo tipo y que impactan duramente en su vida quotidiana, el pueblo cubano se levante contra el gobierno revolucionario, y se ponga so fin así a la independence, la soberanía y al al socialismo in Cuba.

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He recalled that all this is so despite the fact that the president of the United States, Joseph Biden, in the past was part of the government that decided to initiate a process of normalization of relations between his country and Cuba.

Julio Muriente.  Photo: Cubasí.cu

The declaration remarked that in this context of permanent and irrational aggression against the Cuban Revolution, the decision of the White House to capriciously and unjustifiably exclude Cuba from the recently held “Summit of the Americas” was inscribed, as it received a wide rejection among los pueblos de la region.

The declaration is signed by prominent figures from América Latina and the Caribbean, among them Hugo Moldiz (Bolivia), Sigfrido Reyes and Raúl Llarull (EI Salvador), Julio Muriente Pérez (Puerto Rico), Luis Alberto Albán Urbano (Colombia), Ricardo Patiño (Ecuador), among other personalities. (Fuente: PL)