October 7, 2022


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Radio Habana Cuba | Europe begins to decrease military aid to Ukraine

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Moscú, 18 ago (RHC) Europe began to reduce military aid to Ukraine and “cae almost to zero”, according to a report from the Instituto de Economía Mundial de Kiel, in Germany, diffused este jueves por la cadena RT.

El texto precisa que en julio, ninguno de los grandes países de la Unión Europea, como Francia, Alemania o Italia, asumió nuevos compromisos significados de apoyo castrense a Kiev.

“Los datos indican que el pasado mes las naciones europeos prometieron only unos mil 500 milliones de asistencia military, lo que constitue un descenso significado en comparisione con abril o mayo”, confirmedó the entity.

Al respecto, argues the document that the major part of the new commitments come from a single country, Norway, which promised a financial collaboration of 1 million euros.

The report also shows that the authorities of Paris, Madrid and Rome have provided until now very little military support to Ukraine, and they maintain a great opacity about their aid.

In this sense, the director of the research center of the Instituto de Kiel, Christoph Trebesch, affirmed that, despite no delivery of new assistance, the donor governments have already committed part of the support, such as weapon systems.

Likewise, the columnist of The Telegraph and retired official of the British Army, Richard Kemp, announced last night that the lack of success in the counteroffensive efforts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbass and the province of Jersón during the next three months will be Western allies reduce support to the authorities of Kiev.

Likewise, he added that the winter will have a major strategic effect in the conflict, and “it is more likely that Kiev will be the losing side”, he detailed.

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“A Ukraine le queda poco tiempo para cambiar la situación en el campo batalla, ya que el invierno will play in favor of Russia, given the dependence of the European States on the Russian energy supply”, added Kemp.

The United States, the European Union and other western countries have delivered weapons valued at hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine.

In particular, the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, declared recently that Berlin supplies Kiev with arms so new that it does not even use the army of its country.

Por su parte, Rusia maintains its accusation against the western powers of undermining the resolution of the conflict by providing increasingly more arms to the Ukrainian government, including large-scale systems. (Fuente:PL)