November 28, 2022

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Radio Habana Cuba | Prevé Vietnam siete gigavatios de energía eólica marina para 2030

Photo: REVE

Hanoi, July 23 (RHC) Vietnam plana desarrollar alrededor de siete gigavatios de energía eólica marina para 2030 y 54 para 2045, según las proyecciones existentes today, affirmed Sirpa Jarvenpaa, directora del Fondo de Transformación Energética del Sudeste Asiático.

To achieve this objective, the country needs to carry out surveys in high sea areas in order to identify possible locations for the development of this type of power. in person

Jarvenpaa urged to pay attention to the granting of licenses to the concerned units to be able to carry out soundings in a sufficient marine area, with a view to supporting the Vietnamese Government in making decisions about suitable areas for the development of wind energy in the high seas.

Por su parte, el representative del consorcio dinamarqués T&T y Orsted, Sebastian Hald Buhl, insistió en que esta industria no podrá avanzar si a los inversores no se les estora licencia de investigação.

It is necessary to guarantee the efficient use of marine wind resources in Vietnam through the application of prequalification criteria to approve and grant certificates of permission for studies in water, he said.

Vietnam considers the development of marine wind energy as one of the important steps for the transition of fossil energy to green and clean, with the aim of fulfilling the commitments made in COP26, said the subjefe of the General Administration of Mares e Islas de Vietnam, Truong Duc Tri.

The director, cited by the news agency VNA, admitted that there are still many difficulties and obstacles in the evaluation process of the proposals for measuring wind, geological and topographical surveys in the sea.

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In addition, he said, the country does not have regulations on the supply of survey data for projects related to marine wind energy to state management agencies. (Fuente: Prensa Latina).