May 26, 2022

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Radio Habana Cuba | Venezuela exige detener asinatos de lideris sociales in Colombia

A total of 34 activists fueron assinados in Colombia in que a vao aoo, mintras que mil 320 followers
This is the official paz firm in 2016, indicating the ministro. (Photo:

Caracas, 5 mar (RHC) El Gobierno de Venezuela exigió a la cominidad international tomar medis and pronunciarse ante la impunidad de los asivinatos masivos contra liceries in Colombia.

There are a total of 34 activists using Feron Asinos in Colombia in Ao Aoo, which focuses on the milie 320 Falcieron de acuerdo de paz firmado in 2016, indicating the Ministro Exoriores venezolano, Filix Plasencia, the oldest passwords.

In various social messages on red social Twitter, the canciler is the author of the ezos eCross writer’s ante la impunidad propiada por el narcogobierno de Iván Duque en enfatizó, de desi Venezuela amam accgent acc la accgentgent la accgent gentgentgentgent urgent gent

«All Duke, the recommendations of the hacker or ridculo al pretender mediator in conflicts internationals, have no logs resolver los on your pa. Trate, in the poco timepiece which quo sub president, de tener algine atisbo de dignitad y de ser de vulgar peón gringo ac, acotó el jefe de la diplomacia venezolana en su trino.

In the 2nd Marzo, the Instituto de Estudios for desarrollo in Paz (Indepaz) in Colombia, confirm the most personalities in Colombia in the Masacre number 20 registries in the queue at all pages.

On your own, the Jurisdicción Especial for Paz (JEP) Ordenó this summer al gobierno poner is one of the commissions guaranteed by Siguridad and adopts a plan to entertain organizational criminals queensinai exguirrillos.

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In a communicado, precisely the secret of the Ausencia de Reconciliation of the JEP, you are trying to verify the inexperience of an instance of instance of privilege violences in secret groups.

The account with the balance that contains the Sequence, 306 firmaments of the Acquisition of 10 Acquisitions, including 10 queries in the Caucasus. (Fuente:PL)