September 30, 2022

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Radio Havana Cuba | Parliament will ask Daniel Ortega to leave Nicaragua from the OAS

Managua, Nov. National Assembly Speaker Gustavo Boras said on Monday that the National Assembly would ask President Daniel Ortega and other government agencies to leave Nicaragua from the 15 (RHC) Organization of American States (OEA).

The request is based on a resolution approved last Friday by some member states of the Central Assembly following the November 7 general election to elect the president, vice president and vice president.

According to Boras, they will condemn the OAS letter and demand that it reject the move, which is seen as a clear disrespect for the sovereignty, independence and self-determination of the people and an act of contempt and interference by that ministry. Yankee Colonies.

According to the Vice-Chancellor, the energetic and decisive rejection of all state powers marked the beginning of the process of unraveling the charter of the OAS created in 1948 and, initially, aimed at maintaining peace, justice, unity, cooperation and security. Sovereignty.

The lawmaker said the dissent, which will be debated on Tuesday, November 16, would stop attitudes such as violations and interference in Nicaragua’s internal affairs and would seek respect for the decisions adopted by the country.

The laws of the OAS state that the fixed period for leaving the company is two years, during which time, in accordance with section 143 of the above letter, the resigning country has the same rights and obligations as any member. . (Proof: Latin Press)

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