July 2, 2022


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Radio Havana Cuba | They commemorated the birth of the poet Nicanor Barra in Cuba

Nikonor Barra

Havana, September 5 (RHC) Casa de los Americas in Cuba commemorates the 1914 birthday of Chilean poet, mathematician, physicist and intellectual Nicanor Barra, brother of folklorist Violeta Barra. , Roller coaster.

He was the last surviving of three of his country’s most famous intellectuals, along with the National Literary Prize in 1969 and the Miguel de Cervantes Prize in 2011, along with Pablo Neruda, who died on September 23, 1973, and Vicente Hudopro on January 2. 1948.

Writers such as Harold Bloom, Niall Pins or Roberto Bolano consider Bara to be one of the best poets of the continent because of La Cuca Largo, Versace de Salon, Report, Russian Songs, Authors, Artifacts, Anti-Lazaro and His Anti-Public Christmas Songs.

Between 1985 and 2015, his works include Leaves of Wine, La Socrata Familia, Lear, Ray & Mendico; After dinner, Public Works and Antiproza, he created poetry that transcends Latin American historical history.

Experts warn that the author revolutionized and challenged the traditional language of the verses and combined realism and surrealism in his works, which were translated into several languages, including English, French, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Finnish and Portuguese.

His literary background of more than 75 years includes poetry, numerous collections, lists, exhibitions and collaborations on art projects by Enrique Lehne, Alejandro Zodorovsky, Pablo Neruda, Violetta Barra, Jaime Waddell and John Prossa. (Source: Brenza Latina)

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