November 28, 2022

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Radio Havana Cuba | They demand that Almacro be prosecuted for his criminal role in the plot against Evo Morales in Bolivia

La Paz, August 30 (RHC) OAS general secretary Luis Almagro should be prosecuted for his criminal role in the 2019 coup in Bolivia, said Bolivian political analyst Carlos Santa Maria.

In an interview with Hispan TV, Santa Maria addressed tactics that could be used against the Secretary-General of the United States Organization (OAS) for his role of intervention, especially for his participation in the conspiracy in Bolivia in 2019, because, contrary to the announcement of election fraud, the body’s statements did not say the same.

“It should be investigated along with many sovereign nations such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and others.”

He recalled that Almacro had been accused of repression, coup, murder and corruption, which shows his guilt because the OAS must condemn itself.

He added that it was necessary to “send all these documents to the International Criminal Court (ICC)” and “insist on a body other than the United States.”

Bolivian Foreign Minister Rogelio Motta on Sunday reiterated OAS ‘role in the involvement and blamed the organisation’s secretary general for plotting with the opposition to carry out the plot.

According to the Andean Attorney General, there are documents revealing that the OAS vote in the 2019 Bolivian presidential election was not even censored, as agreed with the government at the time.

Such events led to a conspiracy in Bolivia that forced the then president and candidate, Evo Morales, into a ruling other than the OAS general secretary, the “imperialist conspiracy agent.”

(Hispan TV)

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