September 25, 2022

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Radio Havana Cuba | They pay homage to Ho Chi Minh during the Vietnamese New Year

In a sacred atmosphere, Fu Trang praised the leader of the Vietnamese revolution. Photo: VNA

Havana, Jan. 30 (RHC) General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (PCV) Nguyen Phu Trong pays tribute to President Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969) at House 67, a memorial dedicated to the leader of the National Revolution in the presidential election. Palace, in Hanoi.

On Ted (Vietnamese New Year) on February 1, the top leader presented incense to the Father of the Nation.

The site where Ho Chi Minh spent his last days still has many memories related to his life and revolutionary life.

In a sacred atmosphere, Pu Trong praised the leader of the Vietnam Revolution, who devoted his entire life to liberation and national reunification.

Similarly, he highlighted the commitment of the staff and workers’ team in the area to carry out the tasks assigned to preserving the revolutionary path and documents and objects related to his life, in order to preserve Mama Ho’s heritage.

On the eve of the biggest national holiday, the General Secretary of PCV wished all the staff of the Memorial Zone a Happy and Happy New Year. (Fountain: VNA)

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