October 7, 2022


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Radio Havana Cuba | Venezuela neutralizes attack on election facilities

Venezuelan Interior Minister Remigio Cepalos

Caracas, Nov 13 (RHC) Venezuela’s intelligence and security agencies have neutralized a terrorist group with plans to sabotage the National Electoral Council (CNE) facilities in Miranda, Interior Minister Remigio Cepalos said today.

The headline at the press conference was that four people had been arrested near the CNE warehouse in Mariche, identified as Dimas González, José Acuña, Francisco Moya and Keiner Gutiérrez.

Members of the terrorist movement carried explosives and fuel, as well as 95 leaflets known as Operation American Continent 2020.

According to Cephalos, the same group attempted to manipulate the National Assembly (Parliament) elections in 2020 as part of a conspiracy to carry out attacks against officials and the state’s strategic infrastructure.

The Interior Minister named the fugitive from Justice William Ricardo Sanchez as the administrator and financier of the operation, who is in Spain and is directing operations involving far-right leaders such as Leopoldo Lopez and Ivan Simonovis.

In the sources provided, Cephalos provided two audios between Sanchez, Andorra and Dimas Alberto Gonzalez, citing details of their planned attacks.

Similarly, the owner said Carlos German Debias, a citizen, was arrested for remotely operating a device in the vicinity of the Amue refinery in the Falcon State, which is still under investigation.

The government has repeatedly warned that there are plans of violence by extremist groups to sabotage the development of the November 21 regional and municipal elections.

More than 20 million Venezuelans have been invited to vote to elect the country’s 23 governors and 335 mayors, as well as members of state legislative councils and municipal councils.

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Thousands of members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and agents of the state security forces have been suspended in the past days and during the development of the democratic process to ensure peace and stability of citizens throughout the national territory (source: PL)