October 4, 2022


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Reduce food waste to stave off hunger – Brenza Latina

During a press conference in Switzerland, Nancy Aberto, FAO’s Deputy Director for Economic and Social Development, made an urgent call to reduce the amount of food wasted.

He explained that the problem of food waste is global and not just for rich countries, so no one is excluded from food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition.

Currently about 811 million people are suffering from hunger, two billion are malnourished, i.e. 132 million are malnourished due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and millions of children are suffering from the disorder. -19, he noted.

According to FAO data, 931 million tons or 17 percent of food produced in 2019 ended up in the trash of households, retailers, restaurants and other actors in the industry, equivalent to a loss of $ 400 billion in monetary terms.

He also stressed that uneaten food wastes resources such as land, water, energy, soil, seeds and other inputs used for its production.

Aberto warned that due to their high prices, healthy foods are not reaching the majority of people in all parts of the planet, including Europe.

The FAO has called for accelerating efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 12, which means halving sustainable consumption and individual global food waste by 2030.

The figures were released by the United Nations ahead of International Awareness Day on Food Loss and Waste, which is celebrated on September 29.

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