September 25, 2022

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Regional officials condemn the failure of the Pinara government to end the migration crisis on the Chilean border


25 ago 2021 17:10 GMT

So far in 2021 11 migrants who tried to cross the border irregularly have died.

In Chile, tensions between the federal government and border areas are rising as the influx of illegal immigrants increases. They condemn the failure of Sebastian Pinara’s government to address the migration crisis from the Tarapacá region, in particular. Stopping the Armed Forces At the intermediate point of the collagen.

The governor of Tarapacá, Jose Miguel Carvajal, maintains a “very critical opinion” and upholds the decision to launch a plan to bring order to the border. “Made no impact” Within its boundaries: “We believe this project is a failure of the Pinara government,” he says.

Javier Garcia, mayor of Cologne, one of the municipalities most affected by the current crisis, believes “there is no Cologne project.” He said, “The border has been militarized, but what the military has done in practice Control movement or movementCondemns “Chilean immigrants” and “no concrete action to block the entry of immigrants”.

11 Venezuelan immigrants die

In addition, the death of a Venezuelan immigrant who tried to cross the shoe near Calsen has increased irritation at Pinara’s policy. The 56-year-old died while trying to enter Chile from Bolivia.

In all, 11 migrants have already died in the 2021 unrecognized operation.

Asa comfort charcoal and insecurity

In addition, an estimated 6,000 immigrants have entered the country irregularly since the beginning of this year, More than 2,000 children, Many of them are not with.

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Journalist Rodrigo Martinez condemns how the situation, which affects local people, realizes the need to meet basic needs such as hunger or cold. Some immigrants enter homes Of the locals.

Although most occupy public space: streets, alleys, squares or beaches. “They have no basic service, No bathrooms, they cook outside. This, in one way or another, is causing some concern among the people and the lack of response from regional and national government officials in this regard, “said Martinez.