September 30, 2022

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Responsible for hygiene with the environment • Workers

After months of uncertainty and discussions promoting virtual consensus and filming on digital social networks, it was approved and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba on Saturday, April 10, 2021. Order-Act No. relating to Animal Welfare. 31, With the “a health” approach, viz Human health and animal health are interdependent and linked to the ecosystems in which they live.

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Claim for the existence of ethical rules guaranteeing the welfare of animals is already enshrined in the Constitution in Ninety, Subsection: “They are the duty of Cuban citizens to protect and ensure the protection of natural resources, flora and fauna. Healthy environment”.

Meanwhile, Section 3 of Order-Law No. 31 now appreciates a number of principles: “Animals must live and grow in conditions that allow their livelihood as a species … to be maintained, maintained and protected by man, to grow. Natural rhythm … they Should not be abandoned, or subjected to abuse and degrading practices … “, up to seven items in total.

In the meantime, in the following articles, animal owners, keepers and caregivers must meet their basic needs … safe food and water … living space and comfortable environment … hygienic and hygienic conditions for biotechnology handling that are not affected by pain. , Through injury and disease, prevention … Do not feel fear, pain and stress.

The concept of DL 31 is very complete.The war was won. Succeeded?

Let’s see: The story started a long time ago. In 1987, the Cuban Association for the Protection of Fauna and Flora (ANIPLANT) was formed, and since its inception it has supported a legal framework that allows the mistreatment of endangered species. The goal was already “to rescue unknown animals, to encourage the responsible adoption of those rescued, to sterilize women and men, and to deworm.”

Thirty years is not long. The new generation of Cuban animal enthusiasts now have a good section of CEDA as a group – Cubans in animal protection – Pitch War has the best legal luck in establishing a social culture of love for animals.

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However, one detail: Chapters III to VI of DL 31, “Avoid deliberately leaving animals to urinate or defecate on the road and in public places, and in doing so proceed to collect their waste … Keep a dog as a companion animal in the middle of public places. And additional obligations to place a saddle and muzzle on a large scale.[1]

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For the time being this area does not seem to enter into the topics of debate among those who promote the priorities of the Tyrians and the Trojans or those who promote virtual consensus, but a culture of coherent well-being is essential; Encourages responsible interaction in health matters with the nearby environment, along with the care and care of the animals.

[1] … Identify with your name and address, lap, badge, necklaces, chip or other forms of identification to travel on public roads and use the rabies vaccine from time to time or in established cycles, through sanitary areas …

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